Dawn combines her love of creativity with the way she shares her gifts.

She completed her BFA in Inter-Related Arts from Concordia Universtiy and has been an intuitive professional actress/musician/artist/acting & voice coach for 30 years.  


Immersed in many different energetic and practical trainings her whole life, Dawn took her first Level 1 Reiki Training in 2007 and founded her private practice, Wavemaiden Reiki in 2008.


She completed her Reiki Master Training September 7th, 2013, feeling that it was the next best step to guiding others to use their beautiful hands to give Reiki to themselves and others for health, happiness, joy, work, abundance, expansion and relationships. Believing that energy work can be intergrated into every area of life because it is the vibration of love and light of all we are. She compliments her coaching with actors/voice actors, with energy awareness to their talents by freeing up the interior space to enhance the ability to perform live, on camera and for demos.


March 2014, Dawn completed her Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and MTVSS Bodywork classes, and Energetic Facelift, which can be combined with Reiki or as a singular treament. More details of this wonderful modality on the treament page.

www.dawnford.com  www.dawnsvocalwarmup.com


Please note:

Reiki and Access Consciousness is not a medical treatment though it is a beautiful compliment. It is important to always consult a professional physician for any health concerns.

Dawn Ford  



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