Train and Create with Dawn

ONE ON ONE VOICE COACHING combined with or without Reiki & Access Consciousness (TM) Tools and Treatments

One on One Coaching In Person or Skype

Get ready for a new demo-animation, commercial or narrative.

let's meet and design a new demo for your portfolio $50 per hour.

Package pricing available on each individual project base don each person's requirements.

Voice Demos starting at only $150.00 

Audition for Self Tapes

Put yourself on tape for $40 per hour including uploading and sending to agents. 

Also includes professional reading with you. Coaching add $10 per hour. 

Available in Westmount, Quebec 

Dawn's Vocal Warm Up MP3


A fantastic Vocal Warm Up to use daily before gigs and  auditions. Included are Studio tips, Physical Warm Up, Lip drills, Tongue twisters and an amazing meditation. Keep your voice in shape!


$100 per session combination:

Are you a performer and want to shift and change your career and your personal awareness on how you can contribute to your life and the planet? Perhaps together we can facilitate that shift through voice play and reiki or access consciousness (TM) bars and body processes. 

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